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April 2007



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Apr. 2nd, 2007

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Feb. 21st, 2007

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deadpan_gorilla: The End of an Era

Before everything else, I wish to extend my apologies to everyone here for my long, unannounced hiatus from the blogging world. It’s just that a lot of things have been keeping me preoccupied lately.

So what’s new with me? Well, for starters – Yes, I have graduated already. I marched last February 10, four days after I turned 22. My Dad even flew all the way from Chicago to attend the commencement exercises, making this the first time he was ever around to celebrate any milestone in my life. So you can just imagine what the celebration was like.

Basically, that’s how I’ve been holding up lately – enjoying my place among the ranks of the blissfully unemployed, yoyo diets, Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty marathons, and showing my American-ass-kisser of a father around town. Luckily, though, it seems that I don’t have to put up with this routine lifestyle any longer. At least, for the next three months or so. That’s because in four days, I’ll be packing my bags and I will be going with my father when he goes back to the States, with the hope of finding short courses in fields that I am truly passionate in. Indeed, the next few months will be anything but predictable. I guess I was, after all, right on the money when I anticipated that 2007 will bring a lot of changes for me.

And since we are now at the topic of change, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that effective this week; I will be deadpan_gorilla no more. For two years, this journal has served as home for all my awkward moments, my irrational what-if scenarios, and my frustrations. It served as my “kababawan outlet” during my moments of sheer giddiness, and my “confession room” during my occasional periods of frustration, defeat, and rejection. But now, I wish to live beyond the confines of my cheesy username and be known as Chuckie Chavez. I am now ready to be recognized for my writing, not just my penchant for ranting.

The two years I spent in this journal were indeed worthwhile. They earned me new friends, new insights, not to mention, a platform for me to increase my confidence in writing. But sooner or later, there will always come a time when we need to outgrow things and move on. This is one of them.

So goodbye, deadpan_gorilla.

And to my LiveJournal friends, until next time. See you again soon!


Dec. 28th, 2006

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Chuckie's Top 100 Favorite Songs From the Past Ten Years (Part 4)

We're now approaching the upper half!

#55 - Ashlee Simpson - Shadow

In a 2004 interview with Regis and Kathie Lee, this unjustly-maligned controversy magnet claimed that the song is not really about her sister Jessica. Though that still remains to be seen, I do appreciate how the song speaks strongly about battling one's inner demons in a world that places too much emphasis on perfection.


#54 - Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

A girl's sentiments on unrequited infatuation set to piano-driven lyrics and an orchestra-blown chorus.

#53 - The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work

If Bittersweet Symphony is Urban Hymns' catalyst for commercial success, this solemn ballad is its resonance. Frontman Richard Ashcroft wrote this in response to his father's death to cancer. No wonder why there is such sincerity and solemnity in his vocals.

#52 - Keane - Bedshaped

The band couldn't have said it better: "Bedshaped is about feeling that you've been 'left behind' by an old friend or lover. And about hoping that you'll be reunited one day so that you can live out the end of your lives together the way you started them....It's a sad and angry song, but also full of hope.".

I also started to appreciate this song even more when opera singer Vittorio performed an equally haunting Italian version during the evening gown competition of this year's Miss Universe pageant.


#51 - Wyrd - Scream

This trio briefly burst into the scene in 1997 as winners of MTV Asia's Hanson - They Came Out of Nowhere talent search. They would resurface three years later with their debut album Wired 2 Scream, and release this single with the phenomenal success Unfortunately, they sank back into obscurity too soon after that. I can't even find the video in YouTube.

#50 - Madonna - Ray of Light

This title track to the Mother of Reinvention's seventh studio album stays true to her new found spirituality, but at the same time, is still ingeniously insane enough to remind us listeners of her mindless 80s dance music that we grew to love.

#49 - Hole - Celebrity Skin

The first single from Hole's final album is also the band's most commercially and critically successful. It also gives me reasons NOT to hate Courtney Love, even if I'm bombarded with so many reasons to do so.

#48 - Morcheeba - Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

This British trip hop trio took the titular cliche' to new heights in 2000 by transforming it into this uplifting feel-good anthem. Vocalist Skye Edwards never sounded better.


#47 - Beyonce Knowles - Crazy In Love

Proof that Destiny's Child would indeed be soulless - and booty-less - without her.

#46 - Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger

Who would have thought that a pair of drunken, intimidating, poorly-groomed, bash brothers from Manchester could be responsible for such poetry?


#45 - The Cardigans - Lovefool

This is actually the most overplayed song in the span of this Swedish band's career, because of its much-hyped inclusion in the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack. But I still give it due credit for introducing me to their album First Band on the Moon, which is actually chocful of gems. My cassette copy is still on heavy rotation in my car stereo, FYI.

#44 - Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's

If you're wondering why the lyrics mentions nothing about Audrey Hepburn, Moon River, or even the ethnically-miscast Mickey Rooney, it's because the song is NOT about the movie. It's about two lovers on the verge of breaking up because of their dire lack of common denominators, and as a parting shot, they agreed that the only thing they shared was their love for the 1961 movie of the same name.

#43 - Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice

I always feel the urge to imitate Christopher Walken's dance moves every time I hear even just an exerpt of this.


#42 - Cambio - DV

Hear the entire bustling beehive of Metro Manila encased in a cleverly-wrought song.

#41 - INXS - Pretty Vegas

Sure, JD Fortune is no Michael Hutchence. But this song does showcase the Rock Star: INXS winner's charismatic vocals, sexy stage moves, and remarkable songwriting talents. And it does, at the very least, blend well with the trademark INXS sound.

Up next: THE TOP 40!

Dec. 27th, 2006

spare me your

Chuckie's Top 100 Favorite Songs From the Past 10 Years (Part 3)

#70 - Elvis VS JXL - A Little Less Conversation (Remix)

I would have to admit. Elvis Presley freaked me out as a child. I don't know. There was something about his barely-decipherable voice, his pomade-smothered hair, and his dislocated pelvis that used to spook the living daylights out of me whenever I chanced upon black-and-white footages of him in RJTV 29. But on 2002, Junkie XL took this popular Elvis hit, rehashed it, and used it as the theme music for that year's World Cup, among other events. The end result was a successful dance track, which brought The King back to the charts a quarter-century since his passing, and introduced his music to a new generation.

#69 - Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back

THE guilty pleasure of 2006, if there ever was one. Need I say more? :-P

#68 - OMC - How Bizarre

The full name of this New Zealand act is Otara Millionaire's Club, which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Otara is actually one of Auckland's poorest slums. In fact, founding memberPauly Fuemana himself is a former gang member. This song shot to worldwide charts in 1996, and parlayed Fuemana to the One Hit Wonder hall-of-fame.


#67 - Merril Bainbridge - Mouth

From one "down under" act to another. This Aussie pop singer from Melbourne hit reached pop immortality in 1996 with this smash single. What I like best about this is how its sweet melody sharply contrasts to its strongly suggestive lyrics.

#66 - Santana feat. Michelle Branch - The Game of Love

Yes, we all know Smooth was brilliant. But my real favorite among this guitar legend's contemporary singles is this festive track. And who would have thought that Michelle "Ara Mina Version 2.0" Branch's distinct, girlish vocals would actually register well with Santana's strong guitar rifts?

#65 - Sash! - Ecuador

I'm not really a follower of trance. But somehow,this German DJ/producer team fronted by Sascha Lappessen consistently manages to come up with brilliant tracks such as this one.

#64 - Kamikazee - Narda

The best superhero allusion since Five For Fighthing's Superman. It's a wonder how, this hasn't lost its charm despite being butchered by the likes of Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, and Pinoy Dream Academy third placer Ronnie I-Forgot-His-Last-Name.

#63 - Incubus - Are You In?

This American alternative band brought us one of 2002's most emulated choruses.

#62 - Kavana - Will You Wait For Me?

Now, this song really has a sentimental value for me. In 1999, two of my closest childhood friends relocated to Canada for good and this was playing in our car's stereo as I watched them unloading their luggage at the airport.


#61 - The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

One of the reasons why I almost wore out my Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness cassettes. The music video, an homage to George Melies' Le Voyage Dans La Lune, is one of my all-time favorites.

#60 - No Doubt - Spiderwebs

No Doubt reached mainstream success in 1996 with their third album Tragic Kingdom. This song was one of the singles that helped instigate ska revival.

#59 - Aqua - Turn Back Time

One of this Danish quartet's rare moments of sense, which acutally made me forgive them for travesties such as Barbie Girl and Lollipop.


#58 - Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight

One of the songs I'd love to play in a guitar if I knew how to play a guitar. Hahaha

#57 - Anggun - Snow on the Sahara

This brings me back to those good ole MTV Asia days when I used to watch b>MTV Land</b> where VJs Nadia Hutagalung and Jamie Aditya would ramble incessantly in Bahasa much to the bewilderment of non-Indonesian viewers, myself included. :-)


#56 - Linkin Park - Crawling

Don't you just miss Linkin Park before they succumbed to formula and became their genre's answer to Michael Learns to Rock?

Dec. 25th, 2006

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(no subject)

Christmas preparations were underway throughout the weekend.

So, my Top 100 countdown will resume tomorrow. :-)

But for now, enjoy the remaining minutes of Christmas, everybody!


It's official. I'm graduating on February 10, 2007.
A hearty thanks to the people who have been congratulating me and telling me how much they'll miss me. Thank you for making me feel so appreciated. You know who you are.

Dec. 21st, 2006

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Chuckie's Top 100 Favorite Songs from the Past Ten Years (Part 2)

The list continues....

#85 - Jewel - Hands

Jewel kicked off her sophomore album Spirit with this soulful ballad that teaches us that as long as one is willing to lend a helping hand, one's efforts are never too small. Because, after all, "In the end, only kindness matters..."


#84 - Matchbox Twenty - Push

Long before this Florida quintet dropped the numeral "20" from their monicker... Long before Unwell paved its way to Magic Sing ubiquity, and their lead singer surprised us all with his often-misguided solo efforts, there was Push, a powerful, wrenching ballad that spoke strongly about emotional and psychological abuse.

#83 - Melanie C - Northern Star

Okay, first up, may I just take a moment to pay a short, short tribute to the Spice Girls? During the height of their popularity during the mid-90s, they were everywhere, from record bars to video games, Pepsi commercials to lollipop wrappers. Deny it if you may, but during that time, they were practically on their way to be that decade's more clevaged answer to the Beatles. Alas, as we all know, their momentum was cut short by Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell's sudden departure and the band's seemingly-symbolic release of the single, Goodbye.

The girls, of course, eventually went their separate ways, with each inevitably pursuing solo ventures at some point. The best one of which, in my opinion, was Mel C's. Here is the surprisingly inspirational title track from the album of who was once considered to be the most vocally-superior Spice Girl.


#82 - Fiona Apple - Criminal

She wrote this when she was about 18. And for someone that age to be able to honestly articulate her manipulative tendencies through such poetry, it's kinda scary, I tell you. Scary, but at the same time, ingenious!

#81 - Coldplay - Fix You

This anthem for the downtrodden bears a message that never wears out, no matter how many times the song is played. It just goes to show how truly powerful the lyrics are.

#80 - The Black-Eyed Peas- Don't Phunk With My Heart

Sure, some of their material tend to border on novelty songs once in a while. But, this talented, Grammy-winning quartet still delivers the goods, especially when producing catchy, radio-friendly, and energetic tracks such as this. And yes, I am proud that one of them happens to be Filipino.

#79 - Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

It has a raw feel to it. Whenever I listen to this, I always feel like I'm in one of the front seats at their one of their concerts. This 2004 rock anthem is so infectious, that this is actually one of the few songs that I never got sick of listening despite being overplayed.

#78 - Shawn Colvin - Sunny Came Home

This was the "underdog" among the Best Song nominees during the 1998 Grammys. But it pulled a surprising victory, leaving behind heavy favorites such as Hanson's MMMBop and R. Kelly's I Believe I Can Fly. Despite its folk-inspired sound, it's actually a song about destruction as it narrates the predicaments of a frustrated housewife who burns down her own home. This explains its calming but, at the same time, eerie feel.


#77 - Bachelor Girl- Buses and Trains

This Australian duo received only minimal exposure outside their homeland. Somehow, though, they've managed to leave a legacy to us with this moderate radio hit and eventual Magic Sing staple.

#76 - Bardot - These Days

From one defunct Aussie act to another. Believe it or not, this short-lived sexy quintet named after French actress Bridget Bardot actually got their start from a reality show named Popstars! They're actually so talented, that it makes one want to say, "Shame on you, O-Town!!!!"


#75 - Green Day - Walking Contradiction

This rock trio's underappreciated single is about contradicting one's self and this also served as the inspiration for my current Friendster profile. The line "I have no belief, but I believe I'm a walking contradiction" is brilliant. Just brilliant.

#74 - Sean Paul - Get Busy

This Jamaican R&B singer's breakthrough single reminds me so much of my good old freshman days. Hmmmm...Makes me wonder what my original blockmates are doing now.

#73 - Robyn - Show Me Love

There is simply no justice in a world where Ace of Base is the more well-known Scandinavian pop act. Don't get me wrong, though. I have nothing totally against Ace and Base. It's just a shame to see this talented Swede who considerably had much better songwriting skills disappear from the limelight too soon. She is, as a friend puts it, an "underrated gem."


#72 - Qkumba Zoo - The Child (Inside)

This South African trio composed of vocalist Levannah, the late dancer/sculptor Tziki and producer Owl gained my attention when they came out with this earthy dance track back in early 1997.

#71 - Alanis Morissette - Ironic

Whenever I get bored driving home alone, I just pop in my Jagged Little Pill CD, play this song, and imagine that there are four of me inside the car, just like in this song's music video. But then again, I can't do what stunt Passenger Seat Alanis did since I'm too large to fit my entire body through the car window.
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Just a Quick Greeting

Happy 20th Birthday, shoomalamatabi!!!!


Dec. 20th, 2006

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Chuckie's Top 100 Favorite Songs From the Past Ten Years (Part 1)

Here you go...As promised and after countless revisions, here's my commemoration of my first 10 years as an avid music lover/cassette and CD collector/wannabe MTV VJ/frustrated singer.

The countdown begins...

#100 – DJ House feat. Gloria Diaz and Dindo Fernando - O Ano?

This infectious dance track, which samples dialogue from the 1983 film Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi, makes me pine for the much-missed yesteryears of Philippine Cinema when lines were still delivered with such sophistication, even if they were filled to the rim with sexual innuendoes.


#99 - Alisha’s Attic - I Am, I Feel

I first took notice of these Essex-based sisters because of their cute mascot, the half-angel, half devil Alisha. But it was this catchy little ditty that truly hit the mark for me with their ethereal vocals and quirky lyrics.

#98 - Fool’s Garden - Lemon Tree

It speaks about how we tend to just sit and stare through everyday’s mundane details while seeking for epiphanies on what to do with our lives, which is where this German band's breakthrough act derives much of its charm. Viva Bumhood!

#97 – Republica - Ready to Go

For me, it's the ultimate “get-up-and-go” song. I love how it begins with a low register, with the band’s vocalist Saffron merely murmuring the title of the track, and how it all suddenly explodes into an energetic barrage of loud electric guitar riffs, as if telling its listeners, “Hey, move your ass! You’re late for work!”

#96 - Hanson - Where’s the Love?

When this second single came out, hordes of hormonal heterosexual 12-year-old boys who had a crush on Taylor were still recovering from the realization that the object of their infatuation is, in fact, a boy (LOL).

#95 - Chantal Kreviazuk - Dear Life

This Canadian chanteuse first came into our consciousness in 1998, with her piano-driven rendition of John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane from the Armageddon soundtrack. But it was this oh-so-catchy first single from her 2000 LP Color, Moving and Still that made me realize that she's actually a lot more potent when writing her own material.


#94 – Kulay - Delicious

In 1997, this Fil-Am trio revolutionized hip hop in the Philippines with their ambitious effort, Vibestation. This funky track was released as a single just within the same month as the death of one of its founding members, Jeannie Oakman. Despite that, they showed that they were far from disbanding.

#93 - Baby Bird - You're Gorgeous

This ballad became this independent UK band’s most commercially successful single in 1996. It also gained minimal exposure in the Philippines three years later when it was used in a Head and Shoulders advertisement featuring Vanessa del Bianco one year later. It’s unlikely, though, that anyone still remembers this. I mean, hello? Vanessa del Bianco? From Gimik? Remember?

#92 - George Michael - Fast Love

One of this British smooth operator's final singles before his infamous, headline-making restroom scandal. Negative publicity aside, he still proves that he is a musical force to be reckoned with.


#91 - Kula Shaker - Govinda

A hypnotic number from a band that deserves more attention than it gets. Sang entirely in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, this fourth and final single from this English band’s debut album made waves in early 1997 with its mesmerizing fusion of modern rock and traditional Indian music. TRIVIA: Crispian Mills, the band’s vocalist, is the son of Hayley Mills, who portrayed the twins in the original Parent Trap.

#90 – Up Dharma Down - Oo

No other 2006 single spoke vividly of unrequited love and all its repercussions than this jazzy ballad. Armi Millare's vocals were also so hauntingly powerful that it really seemed that she was reaching out to the jilted lover in us.


#89 - Nelly Furtado - Maneater

This Portuguese-Canadian's foray into mainstream hiphop may be perplexing to some, but it's actually one of this year's better reinventions. Even better than, say, Gwen Stefani, who gets weirder with every new album. (We'll get to that later.) This delicious dance ditty beats its tacky 1980s Hall and Oates namesake by a landslide.

#88 - Bjork - I Miss You

I consider this Icelanding singer's Post days as her glory days. Her post-Dancer in the Dark material is simply too emo for me. So, yeah, the title is actually apt.

#87 - Aerosmith - Falling in Love (is so Hard on the Knees)

When these rock legends released 1997's Nine Lives, it was received with mixed reviews since it was considered too akin to pop. Nonetheless, this first single successfully appealed to mainstream audiences with its pop and jazz overdubs and became a moderate chart hit. And did I mention that the video rocks?


#86 - All Saints - Pure Shores

In the words of Playlouder: "This was the single that saw the Saints out-performing every other girl group on the planet, ditching the famous-for-being-famous tag, and finally becoming the statuesque pop goddesses they always claimed to be." I say, it's the only decent thing that has anything to do with The Beach.
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To Sum up the Past 5 days ...

Baguio was fun.

So was Pangasinan.

Pics in my Multiply.

Course cards yesterday.



Dec. 15th, 2006

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Sana 19 na.

Wow, I can't believe it. It's over. It's actually almost offically over.

I am now poised to greet 2007 as an official adjunct to the desperately unemployed.

Still, I feel that I am a million lightyears from celebrating because I still don't know my grades.
And that's the only reason why I'm still a pile of jangled nerves, why the stressmarks on my face still haven't ceased making me look like the models of the Sinutab commercials.

I know I put up a formidable fight as far as tests and requirements are concerned,
but, dammit, I can't take the suspense much longer.

I just want to get it over with already!!!!!!


Well.....it's a good thing I'm going to Baguio tomorrow.

I could really, really, really use a vacation.

Not to mention, a sniff of some of that pine-and-horseshit-accented subzero mountain breeze to help ease my anxiety.......

So, there. I'll be on hiatus for the next three days.

Because, obviously....I wouldn't go to Baguio just to search for a cafe' and blog, right? Right.

See you guys on the 20th.......hopefully, as a bona fide bum. ;-)


Now, just a parting shot before I go and pack.

Here's something I've been meaning to post for a long, long time already.......

My love for music began in 1996, when I started watching MTV, and these three cassettes were found in virtually everyone's collection (Come on, admit it....):

My taste has diversified since then.

So, since 2006 commemorates the tenth year anniversary of my becoming a music enthusiast, I've compiled a list of Chuckie's 100 Favorite Songs from the Past Ten Years.

Was it a laborious task? Well, not really....I've only been revising the list for the past umpteen times! Smell the sarcasm?.

But, yeah, I'm happy to say that the list is now finalized and ready for blogging.... :-D

So, stay tuned on December 20-26 for the countdown!

Anyway..... Gotta go. Gotta start packing.....
Just learned that we're leaving at 4am! Kumusta naman?
O sige, Bye!
reel life

Peter Boyle (1935-2006)

One of my favorite TV dads just passed away. :-(

Click here to read the whole article.

As the Monster in the 1974 horror spoof, Young Frankenstein

Dec. 13th, 2006

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This is it!

This is it!

Just one more paper left.....

Doubt is a privilege I can no longer afford at this point....

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